Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Great Adventure Cheyenne Wyoming

I had big plans to blog all about our five week adventure out west, well we arrived home on August 16th and I am finally caught up enough to blog again.  The trip out west was wonderful, we stopped in at OCC Cattle Company in Palmer Ks.  I actually managed to blog about that visit.  We spent a couple of days in Cheyenne Wy visiting our Nephew Marc and his family.  Marc is stationed at Warren Air Force base in Cheyenne.  What a cool base, so much history, Marc took us on a driving tour of the base it was just beautiful.

While we were visiting Marc they took us on a tour of downtown Cheyenne it is just a cool town.  We also toured the Cowgirl museum!  I just loved it, seeing the impact that women have had over the years in the development of the cattle industry and their impact on shaping this great country was just neat to learn and to be able to share the time and experience with Marc and his family was such a treat.


We were in Cheyenne the week prior to the Frontier Days Rodeo, so we missed the rodeo but did get to see the cattle drive bringing in the cattle to be used during the rodeo.

After seeing the cattle drive we said our good bye's to Marc and his family and Ronnie and I headed out to see Fort Laramie and a stop to a preserved portion of the Oregon Trail.  It is hard for me to put into words the impact of actually standing in the ruts made by the pioneers had on both of us.  We stood in those ruts and imagined the sweat and struggle of those that came before us.  In our world of instant everything to imagine walking hundreds to miles to chase your dream of a new home in an untamed land is just hard for us to imagine and very humbling.

After stopping to see this part of history we went on to another part of history.  Fort Laramie sitting out in the middle of nowhere.  It was like taking a step back in history.  The buildings have been preserved to help you get the feel of what those brave men and women faced each and every day.  

We finished up our tour of Fort Laramie and headed back to the camper tired but excited to continue our great adventure.  Next stop Dubios Wyoming, I decided to learn a new skill for this adventure I put a slide show of our different stops into a short video. It was fun to learn and neat to have as a fun reminder of our trip. The first video is of the first three days of the trip out to Wyoming.

The second video is of the visit to Cheyenne, the Oregon Trail and Fort Laramie.

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