Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2014 Calf Crop

The past few months have been really busy for us here at Gizmo Angus Farm. For me busy equates to paperwork, for Ronnie it equates to feeding, checking and building fence.  I think I like my job better since it is much warmer sitting here in my recliner typing!  Our last calf arrived on 12/31/2014.  Our first calving date was 10/6/2014 so we calved out 97 calves in 86 days (if I did the math correctly). Ronnie is very strict about trying to get our herd into a 60 day calving season so anything that calved after 12/5/2015 is on the sale list.  I understand getting our herd into a shorter calving season, but man oh man when you have some of your favorite cows on the list it hurts.  We have some calves this year that I am really excited about.  We purchased some embryos from the Sinclair dispersal and the calves are on the ground, they are:

Gizmo B9 Y3051 5522-6148
Gizmo B35 Y3051 5522-6148

We will be really interested to see how these two calves turn out.  There were only two eggs available and we were able to get them purchased, both stuck giving us two nice bull calves.  The dam of these two calves is a bull maker.

N Bar Primrose Y3051 Registration # 11553390

Some notable sons out of this cow are:

Sinclair Emulation 5522 XP Registration # 15696693

Sinclair Executive 9XV2 Registration # 16365949

Sinclair Emulation XXP Registration # 15355048

Sinclair Grass Master Registration # 16027094

In addition to these two bull calves some other ET calves that are on the watch list are two
SAV Final Answer 0035 sons out of our old Finks Pride 065 6198 LB donor cow. We flushed this cow at the age of 13 twice once to our Coleman EXT 6149 bull and once to Final Answer with the two flushes resulting in 44 eggs. We have only implanted 4 of the eggs two of the 6149 which didn't stick and two of the Final Answer's that did. Although the dam of these calves didn't make Pathfinder status in our herd she did produce one Pathfinder daughter and has one Pathfinder Granddaughter working in our herd.

Gizmo Final Answer B7 065
Gizmo Final Answer B14 065
Another group that so far is looking really good are out of an old cow we purchased from the Kinsington Cattle dispersal.
Ambrose Erica A47
We have several calves on the ground this year out of this old cow they are:


Gizmo Erica B8 A47 0035 - This is a nice heifer out of A47 and SAV Final Answer 0035

                                       SAV Final Answer 0035                                            

OCC Juneau 807J

Gizmo Juneau B15 A47 807J
Gizmo Juneau B30 A47 807J
Gizmo Juneau B36 A47 807J
 These three flush brothers out of 807J are really eye catchers!  They are on the radar for sure.
Two more calves that keep catching our eye are our of a flush from a cow owned by our friend Tim Hopkins over at Cedar Creek Ranch in Ashford Alabama.  We split the flush of his RB Barber 756 528 B192 cow and Boyd New Day 8005.  We put two of the eggs out of this flush in and got a heifer and a bull.  They are long and deep with a ton of eye appeal.
Gizmo Barber B29 756 8005
Gizmo New Day B39 756 8005

Some of my very favorite calves this year are out of another flush purchased from the Sinclair dispersal.  They are N Bar Clova Pride F2839 X Sinclair Rito Legacy 3R9 and they are something to get excited about for sure!


Gizmo Legacy B33 F2839 3R9
Gizmo Clova Pride B34 3R9
Gizmo Legacy B37 F2839 3R9
Gizmo Clova Pride B40 3R9

                                                                        Sinclair Rito Legacy 3R9

I am really excited to see how both the heifers and the bulls out of this mating develop!
We have a few ET calves out of our now deceased donor RB Bridget 658 C11 111 and N Bar Emulation EXT.  We are currently using a full brother natural service on our heifers and a maternal brother out of Coleman EXT 6149 on our two and three year old cows. The 658 cow has had a major impact on our herd and will continue impacting it through her sons.
Gizmo Bridget B17 658 EXT
Gizmo EXT B28 658 U23
Gizmo EXT B31 658 U23
 A New Day out of the 658 cow
  A Final Answer out of the 658 Cow
In addition to our old proven cows calves we have some up and coming young cows that we are pretty darn excited about.  Needless to say they have done everything right so far but they still have to raise their calves and breed back.
Giz Miss Emulous 1220 EXT Registration # 17523774 This is a first calf heifer that was purchased as an embryo from Coleman Angus.  She took AI on the first service and is raising a bull calf out of OCC Paxton 730P. 
Giz Kinochtry Bty 1212 6807 Registration # 17525496 Another heifer purchased as an embryo from Coleman Angus.  She took AI on the first service and is raising a heifer calf out of our
Coleman EXT 6149 bull.
Giz Kinochtry Bty 1216 6807 Registration # 17525495A flush sister to the 1212 cow that stuck AI on the first service.  She is raising a bull calf out of our Coleman EXT 6149 bull.
Giz Kinochtry Bty 1232 6807 Registration # 17530336 A flush sister to the 1212 and 1216 cows that also stuck AI on the first service.  She is raising a heifer calf out of OCC Missing Link 830M.
Gizmo Bridget 1219 956 830M Registration # 17538449 This is a heifer that we have been watching, she is out of a natural daughter of our 658 cow and a really nice Matrix bull that we raised.  She has been a favorite from birth, then stuck AI on the first service. 
We also have some of those tried and true cows that just keep getting the job done for us that have some calves that are going to be really good ones.
Our Gizmo Pride 525 065 0125 Registration # 15394906  just keeps on doing us a great job! She achieved Pathfinder again this year the and this was the 7th consecutive calf so not only did she make Pathfinder she continues to perform.  She has a heifer calf on the ground out of SAV Resource 1441 that is already catching everyone's eye.  I think this one is a keeper!
Our Gizmo Pride 811 525 430 Registration # 16358620 that has followed in her dams footsteps making Pathfinder on her third calf.  This year she has a standout heifer calf on her side out of SAV Net Worth 4200.
We also have a bull calf on the ground out of a cow that we are currently flushing she is SAV Blackcap May 0524 Registration # 16697983 the sire of the calf is SAV Campbell 0262 Registration # 16687708 he is a little stud, so it will be interesting to see how he develops.
Well I am sure there are a few I missed, we have a bunch of nice calves this year these are just a sample, of what we are doing genetically.