Monday, August 6, 2012

2012 Florida Bull Test
Wow it is hard to believe that it is already time to deliver bulls to Marianna for the 2012 bull test.  They have a record number of bulls consigned this year so come sale day buyers should have a really nice set to select from. 
Last year we consigned three young bulls two of these were out of our senior herd sire Coleman EXT 6149 and one was an AI sired calf.  Out of the 63 calves entered into the test our calves placed 20th (6149 calf), 27th (HA Image Maker 0415 calf) and 39th (6149 calf).  We don’t enter the calves with the expectation of winning; we breed for balance not explosive growth so we probably will never have the lead off bull in one of these sales.  For us the bull test is about the information that is gathered on the animals.  Learning how our calves perform against other animals from other progressive breeding programs is a valuable tool to have in the tool box. 
This year we are only sending two young bulls both out of our junior herd sire Sinclair Rito 9R9.  This is a young bull that we have been really excited about.   The two calves we have selected to send are:
Sinclair Rito 9R9 Sire of 1106 & 1136
Gizmo Rito 1106 S023 9R9 Registration #17226615 this young bull has an impressive pedigree his dam is out of a full sister to Morgan’s Direction a bullet proof calving ease bull and a bull that was in the top 10% of the breed for REA.  His sire Sinclair Rito 9R9 was a stand out in the Sinclair program and is a grandson of the breed legend Rito 707.
The second bull is:
Gizmo Rito 1136 717 9R9 Registration #17227360 this is another young bull with a royal pedigree his sire is out of Rito Revolve OR5 a very impressive son of 707.  This calf’s young dam has been a standout since birth in the Gizmo program.  She is out of BC Matrix and Gizmo Pride 314 which was the natural daughter of our donor cow Finks Pride 6211. 
The test schedule is:
Nomination deadline – June 15, 2012
Delivery Date – July 31, 2012
Test begins (initial weights) – August 21 & 22, 2012
28 - day weight – September 19, 2012
56 - day weight – October 16 and 17, 2012
84 - day weight - November 14, 2012
Test ends (final weights) - December 11 and 12, 2012
Bull Test Sale -January 19, 2013
Results will be posted on the Florida Bull Test site after each weigh in.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Reason for Missing LIsts!

      When it comes to writing our blog I have been seriously slacking.  I started the year with a plan to write a list blog each month.  Well I made a list in January, February and March.  I swear I don’t know what happened in April.  Ronnie was the sale chairman for the Florida Angus Association sale and that kept us really busy.  The sale was April 28th so I am going to blame the lack of an April blog on that.
      May is the month our lives really changed to help you understand why I will need to provide some history.  We moved my Mother out to the farm eight years ago, her vision was failing due to macular degeneration, and the doctor said it was only a matter of time before she would not be able to see well enough to drive.  The move to the farm was a difficult one for her giving up the home she and my dad had built together over 40 years ago.  Our first idea was to build on to our house, but Mom would not hear of it, she said she I am 83 years old and won’t be here much longer and I don’t want you to have all that house to take care of when I am gone.  Our next idea was a mobile home, when I mentioned that to her she said she was going to be in a box soon enough and she didn’t want to start now.  I asked her when was the last time you looked at mobile homes she said oh maybe 50 years or so.  I was finally able to convince her to look at mobile homes; she was amazed at how much they had changed in just 50 years!  She found a home she just loved and she agreed to the move to the country.  We carved a spot out of one of the cow pastures and she got such a kick out of telling her friends that we had put her out to pasture.  When folks would say oh no not really she would chuckle and say I mean literally I am in the middle of a cow pasture I have cows on three sides of me!  I have to tell you moving Mom out to the farm were one of the most stressful times of my life, I was so afraid that she wasn’t going to be happy and she would regret the move.  One of my fondness memories was the day that she told me she only had one regret about moving to the farm, and that was that she had not done it sooner.  Well back to May, the doctor had been correct mother’s eyesight did get much worse she lost the ability to drive within six months of moving to the farm.  The family managed to get her to doctor’s appointments and her social activities for the next four and a half years.  Unfortunately not only her eyesight but her overall health was failing and she was no longer able to be by herself that was when our sweet angel Tammy came into the family.  Tammy was her companion and caregiver for the last four years.  The 4th day of May Tammy had a stroke, we thank God that she is recovering but complete recovery will take time.  Three weeks after Tammy’s stroke Mother was admitted to the hospital and passed away on June 18th.  Needless to say May and June were not good months for us here at Gizmo , I have almost made it through the month of July and really don’t know how.  Mother was such a hoot, she always had a smile.  She raised us to have a deep faith her favorite saying was “God won’t bring you to it without getting you through it” so I know that God will get us through this very sad time in our lives.  As I have said mother lost her ability to read some years ago but she always had me read my latest blog to her, I think that is one of the main reasons I haven’t been able to get this chore done.  I guess I don’t have to read it to her anymore where she is her vision is 20/20!

Friday, May 4, 2012

A new addition to the donor pen at Gizmo Angus.  We will be flushing this cow in 2013 after she calves.  She is an older cow but she sure doesn't look her age.  We like the genetic package this cow offers.

Abrose Erica A47
Ambrose Erica A47
Calved 10/08/00 • AAA 13756009[AMF]
# Emulation N Bar 5522
# N Bar Emulation EXT [AMF-CAF-XF]
N Bar Primrose 2424
# Emulation 31 [DWF-RDF]
Ankony 8F78 Lass 8F275
# Emulation 31 [DWF-RDF]
Primrose N Bar 9962
# G D A R Traveler 71 [AMF-CAF-XF]
+ Homestead Erica 809
I F Scotchcap Erica 832
# Traveler 1148 G D A R
G D A R Miss Blackcap 567
# Scotch Cap [AMF-CAF-XF]
I F MS Angus Rito 532
As of 05/03/2012
N / A+13.27+29.382 / 2 +29.32+.2.27-4.84
+26.26+.18.34-.01.32+.046.33N / A8 / 8

Friday, March 30, 2012

March List

I am so aggravated!  Look closely at my March list:
Individual Use
Charitable Org.
Cleaning Services
Computer Services
Food Truck/Cart
Legal Services
Medical Practitioner
Medical Services
Membership Org.
Music Entertainment
Outdoor Markets
Personal Services
Political Organization
Professional Services
Real Estate
Repair Services
Trade Contractor

Now you might ask why she is upset over this list.  My family is in the cattle business we run a cow calf operation and it is a business.  This past week I found a new App for my Ipad one that you can run credit cards on.  I filled out all the information to get the app and then was supposed to select the type of business I would be using the app for from the above list.  Review the list carefully do you see cattle operation, farming, ranching or even agriculture in this list? 
I did get the app; I just opted for individual use when in all honesty as a cattle farmer I could have selected, accounting because we have to maintain inventories of all the animals, breeding records, feed cost and income.  Another selection could have been medical practitioner since we have to be able to treat any number of bovine illnesses which has included delivering breach calves giving shots palpating for pregnancy well you get the idea.  Landscaping came to mind since Ronnie has been out planting trees in pastures all week to provide additional shade for the cattle.  Consultant came to mind since we receive phone calls all the time from folks trying to get started in the cattle business.  I thought the beauty barber might be an option since we have to clip the cattle for sale day.  Repair service could be another option since equipment is always in need of service or repair.  The Taxi could have been an option since we have to taxi the cattle to sales and move them from one farm location to another.  Or I could have chosen web/dev/design after all I do work on our farm web site and social media. 

I would have really loved to have selected agriculture but I wasn’t given that option, because the people that make these list don’t even consider what we do a business.  Most don’t stop to consider where their food comes from beyond the grocery store they frequent. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Florida Surf & Turf Sale

The Florida Surf Turf Sale and The Southeast All Black Classic have teamed up.
Two Auctions
One Big Event
Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 12:00 noon CST
Auction will be held at the Florida Bull Evaluation Center,
Greenwood, Fl just 20 miles south of Dothan, Al near Marianna, FL
Here is your opportunity to come to one Big Event to purchase quality Angus, SimAngus and Simmental females from reputation breeders in the southeast from two established auctions at one location.  The demand for quality purebred seedstock has never been better.  With the increased demand for bulls at strong prices and with feeder and stocker cattle prices at an all-time high, it is time to add high caliber females to your breeding program to be in better position to service your customers and to be prepared for this cycle of improved cattle demand and prices.  Gizmo Angus Farm is proud to be offering the following lots in the

Florida Surf & Turf Sale:

Gizmo Pride 803 K506 8005 Reg#16333718 
and her 2011 Heifer Calf
Gizmo Pride 1117 803 9R9 Reg# 17156707

Finks Pride 6211 345 71
Grand Dam of 803
Gizmo Pride 815 613 604 Reg# 16333726 
and her 2011 Heifer Calf
Gizmo Pride 1127 815 9R9 Reg# 17156709

Sinclair Rito 9R9
Sire of 1117 & 1127
Gizmo Elluna 939 726 721 Reg# 16701408 
and her 2011 Heifer Calf
Gizmo Elluna 1108 939 920 Reg# 17156706 

Rainbow All Star
Grand Dam of 1108

If your looking for young cattle to start or build you herd around we are offering the following bred heifers:

Gizmo Steph 1017 722 5X25 Reg# 16938963
AI'd on 12/10/11 to Connealy Final Product Reg# 15848422
Then pasture exposed to Gizmo Excellency 1012 201 Reg# 16938945

Connealy Final Product
AI Service sire to 1017, 1022 & 1033

Gizmo Blackcap 1022 112 5X25 Reg# 16938964
AI'd on 12/10/11 to Connealy Final Product Reg# 1584822
Then pasture exposed to Gizmo Excellency 1012 201 Reg# 16938945

Sinclair Excellency 5X25 Sire of 1017 & 1022

Gizmo Steph 1033 107 6595 Reg# 16938968
AI's on 12/10/11 to Connealy Final Product Reg#1584822
Then pasture exposed to Gizmo Midland 1003 875 808 Reg# 16938942

Sitz Alliance 6595 Sire of 1033

Gizmo Lucy 1051 1303 735 Reg# 16938975
Pasture exposed to Gizmo Traveler 1044 97 71 Reg# 16949665

Gizmo RT 735 577 464 Reg# 16029577
Sire of 1051

So if your looking to add some top quality females to you herd please mark your calendar for April 28th!

See You At The Sale!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February List

A Road Map Through Grief

I was reading on the Cattle Today forum this week about the loss of a fellow cattleman.  His forum name was Northern Rancher.  I have read his post over the past few years, I didn’t know him personally but had enjoyed his insights into the cattle business.  It didn’t take long chatting with him to know he loved his family and was very proud of them.  It was also clear that he knew and loved his cattle.  I know his family is overwhelmed with grief, they were on my heart when I came across this list:

1.    Pace Yourself

2.    Lean into the pain.

3.    Get ready for a second wave of grief.

4.    Trust the recovery process.

5.    Welcome help from those who love you.

6.    Protect your physical health.

7.    Refuse to live with regrets.

8.    Avoid major changes

9.    Look beyond people’s words.

10.                       Let your grief benefit others

I pray that God will bring the family peace during this very difficult time.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Value of Lists

One of my friends is a writer; she writes a bit of everything and is really good I enjoy reading her blog As all of us do we started talking about what we want to do or accomplish in the New Year. Wanda informed me she had made a list of 52 random thoughts or words and she plans to write a blog on each of the words in the future. I look forward to seeing what she comes up with I know I can expect a good laugh. Well this puts some pressure on me what I am going to do, then my daughter in law gave me a book. The name of the book is Lists to live by and was compiled by Alice Gray, Steve Stephens and John Van Diest. By golly that is what I want to do share some really good list! So because I am not good at committing to weekly I will try to pick a favorite list for the next twelve months. This past fall Ronnie and I attended the American Angus Tour in Georgia one of the stops was at the founder of Chick-Fil-A Company, Cathy S. Truett and we were honored to have the opportunity to meet this gentleman and his sweet wife. This list is from his book “It’s Easier To Succeed Than To Fail”

Five Reasons it’s Easier to Succeed

1. It’s easier to succeed because failure exacts a high price in terms of time when you have to do a job over.

2. It’s easier to succeed because success eliminates the agony and frustration of defeat.

3. It’s easier to succeed because money spent to fail must be spent again to succeed.

4. It’s easier to succeed because a person’s credibility decreases with each failure, making it harder to succeed the second time.

5. And it’s easier to succeed because joy and expression of affirmation come from succeeding, whereas feelings of discouragement and discontent accompany failure

Reading his book and reading this list you understand why this sweet man has been such a success. He doesn’t just make a list he followed it and learned from it.  What a blessing to be able to say we had the opportunity to meet him.

Wishing You and Yours a blessed New Year!