Thursday, February 7, 2013

With Thanks

How do you thank someone who has done so much?

Lance Carter came to Gizmo Angus Farm on November 1, 2002. We called it a farm, but in reality, it wasn’t. We had 100 head of bred heifers. There were no working pens. When it came to doing anything that required a working pen, we improvised. It wasn’t pretty and it sure wasn’t fun. To add to that, all of the fences that were supposed to be erect, weren’t. None of this frightened Lance. I wish I had pictures from the beginning because it’s hard to explain how much work has been accomplished since Lance came to Gizmo.

In the years since Lance has been working with us, we have all worked hard, but Lance has been the backbone of the operation as well as Ronnie’s right hand. If you saw the before and after pictures, you would see the story of a man who worked hard every day and one who helped turn a farm in need to one to be proud of. What never shows in a photo is the heart of a man, his dedication, and the love for what he does. These things are there in everything Lance touched – the fence, the pens, the barns, the animals, and most of all in the hearts of Ronnie and I who will forever be thankful for Lance and all he has done for us and Gizmo Angus Farm.

Enjoy your retirement but remember, the coffee pot is always on, there’s an empty chair on the porch waiting, and it might be nice to sit with friends and enjoy what you helped build.