Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Alabama BCIA Fall Roundup Bull Sale Update

Dr. Hank Lee and his assistant Leigh Ann of  Lee Veterinary Clinic came to the farm yesterday, (November 3, 2009) to semen test the four bulls we have consigned to the upcoming BCIA sale on November 13th. I thought I would share the results just in case anyone is interested.

Lot 16
Gizmo Matrix 0711 065 4132
Registration #16029560
Weight 1680
Scrotal 39.0

Lot 17
Registration #16029567
Gizmo Matrix 721 010 4132
Weight 1795
Scrotal 45.0

Lot 18
Gizmo RT 724 416H 464
Registration #16029569
Weight 1595
Scrotal 39.5

Lot 19
Gizmo RT 730 102 464
Registration #16029574
Weight 1595
Scrotal 39.5

All bulls were tested according to the guidelines established by the Society for Theriogenology and determined to be satisfactory potential breeders.  While we had Dr. Hank at the farm we also had him test three of our yearling bulls that we have selected for use this year one is an embryo Gizmo New Day 816 658 8005 Registration # 16333727 while another is the natural calf Gizmo Right Time 834 658 464 Registration #16333740 of our donor RB Bridget 658 C11 111 cow Registration #14913872 . The third calf is out of our WA Peg 0066 cow Registration #13615779 this calf is Gizmo Midland 808 0066 430 Registration #16358619. Each of these young bulls was tested and determined to be satisfactory potential breeders the exciting thing for me is that they not only passed but how well they scored. Keep in mind that these are only twelve and thirteen month old bulls that already have scrotal measurements of 31 to 33 cm. The embryo calf had the 33 cm scrotal with 96% normal cells and the best thing about this is the fact that we have five full brothers on the ground!