Sunday, February 13, 2011

Let There Be Quiet

Is there a quiet place in your day?  Maybe it's before sunrise--the windows still dark, the air still a bit chilly except for teh warmth of a crocheted blanket thrown over your lap.  The day is fresh and ahead of you, unspoiled, untouched.  Your Bible lies open, your prayers are thoughts and whispers.  Just you.  And God.
Maybe it's sometime in the early afternoon.  The kids are napping.  The traffic still sails by outside where you could hear it if you wanted to.  But you don't.  You're alone for a few stolen moments...enjoying a snack, enjoying a book, enjoying a minute to yourself.
Maybe it's late at night.  The clock that ticked unnoticeably all evening is now regular and audible, your PJs on, your TV off.  You sink into the couch pillows, almost dozing but not ready for bed yet, almost able to put your worries out of your mind, almost too comfortable for words.
Maybe your quiet time is some other time. 
Or maybe it's never.
But it's never too late to make time for it.  Over and over in Jesus' life, you see this one who was so busy, who was caught up in so many stressful situations, who was tugged on and clawed at from so many different people...getting away, stealing off, seeking quiet.
Sometimes it was night--even all night.  Sometimes it was early in the morning, long before his friends and disciples had stirred from sleep.  At the end of a long day or before the start of a new one, he yearned for quiet, for time spent alone with his heavenly Father, for the secret hours his human side needed in order to sort out what was going on in his life.
Angud Jesus himself needed quiet, certainly we all need quiet.
But quiet won't come looking for you.  You'll have to wrestle it away from a world grown noisy and demanding, from a culture that rushes to fill every second with sound and movement and high-speed information.  You'll have to plan for it, draw boundary lines around it, protect it from phone calls and talk shows and even your own impatience.  You'll be tempted to think you can live without it, but you'll only end up joining the rest of us who have had to learn the hard way---through four-day flu bugs and weekend fatigue--that if we don't take responsibility for slowing ourselves down, our bodies will do it for us.
The simple truth is that quiet time spent with the Lord, with his Word and our own hearts laid open before him, will never take more away from us than it gives back to us.  It will always replenish, always add to the life of our days, and most likely even add to the days of our lives.
Enjoy the blessings of being quiet.

Freeze Branding @ Twenty One Days

Well I did manage to get some photo's yesterday I just didn't get them posted.  Quick recap is that the 932 heifer was branded utilizing the liquid nitrogen, and the 937 heifer branded with dry ice and 99% aolchol.

932 heifer

937 heifer, I think the GIZ is really starting to stand out.

They said you could tell how the brands look at 21 days, and I think they are showing up I am thinking that 75 seconds might work better on the dry ice method instead of 60 seconds. 

Until next week.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Freeze Branding @ Fourteen Days

Ok it has been fourteen days since the freeze branding clinic.  I went out this afternoon and took a few photo's of the two heifers that we used to demonstrate the two different methods of freeze branding. 

932 Liquid Nitrogen Method


I do see some changes but overall this reminds me a bit of watching water boil.

937 Dry Ice and 99% Alochol Method

937 The GIZ is really starting to show

I will get more photo's next week, maybe by then the water will actually be boiling!  While I was out I went ahead and got a few photo's of some of the other heifers in the pen. 

I really like this group of heifers, the past few days have been really cold and wet so we have plenty of mud to go around.

Gizmo Beauty 902 0707 0702

Gizmo Pride 916 314 K205

This is a heifer that I really like she just wouldn't cooperate with me for a good photo, I will try again next week.  She is really deep and soggy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Freeze Branding One Week and One Day Later

I said in my freeze branding wrap up post that I would take pictures of the two heifers to show the progression of the brands.  Keep in mind that the 932 heifer was branded utilizing the liquid nitrogen method, while the 937 heifer was branded utilizing the dry ice with 99% alcohol.  My intentions were to get pictures at seven days but since I am a world class procrastinator the pictures were taken at eight days.

932 Branded with Liquid Nitrogen


937 Branded with Dry Ice and 99% Alcohol


I don't yet have an opinion on which one looks the best, I don't really know at this point.  I will post again next week, maybe by then we can tell more.