Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 Florida Bull Test

We delivered three young bulls to the University of Florida Beef Unit in Marianna Florida on July 26th  for the 2011 Bull test.  It has been a number of years since we have put any of our bulls on test so it will be interesting to see what  kind of changes have been implemented.

Two of these calves are out of our senior herd sire:
Coleman EXT 6149 Registration # 15730734  
Coleman EXT 6149 Registration #15730734

This bull is out of the Colman Angus donor  KMK Donna J311 Registration #13642847

6149's Dam along with two of his flush sisters are currently working in the donor program

at Coleman Angus in Charlo Montana

Coleman Donna 6148 Registration # 15704363
Flush Sister to Coleman EXT 6149

Coleman Donna 6139 Registration # 15704358
Flush Sister to Coleman EXT 6149

Needless to say the calves out of the 6149 stem from a very solid cow family. 

For updates on the bull test go to Florida Bull Test 2011