Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall 2015

It has to be Fall, even if we didn't have a little nip in the air it would be hard to miss.  The Fall sale season has arrived!  I needed to eat some Wheaties just to drag the September Angus Journal out of the mail box.  I imagine the October issue will be the same, sale book after sale book.  I love going through the sale books seeing what direction other breeders are traveling genetically. 

Fall is also calving season for us at Gizmo Angus Farm.  Time to find out if those heifers we like so much are going to become the cows we want them to be.  Fall is also a time of great excitement and at times great disappointment.  There is nothing more exciting than finding your favorite heifer standing over her first calf and a cherry on top its a heifer!
Gizmo Eriskay 1336 2N1 972 Reg# 17844679
  But nothing sadder than finding one of your favorite old cows in trouble, you get her up check her and find a dead calf in her.  You go to work get the calf pulled doctor her up then watch her looking for that lost baby for several days.  It is just heart breaking.

Gizmo Beauty 0707 201 4132 lost her calf this year
Fall is the culmination of so much planning, bull selection, breeding then waiting nine months in anticipation of a live calf.  Watching the calves develop and hoping we have done all we can to insure they are healthy.  If we aren't busy enough keeping up with all the new babies.

 It is also time to get our winter pastures planted, plan for the next breeding season, freeze brand,  give herd health vaccination not to mention it is sale season!  We have 7 bulls consigned to the Alabama BCIA Fall Round Up Sale in Uniontown Alabama on Friday November 13th.  This means we have to get BSE's scheduled and add hauling bulls to the schedule.  With all we have to get done, it doesn't look like we are going to have much time to go to many of the sales being advertised, but we are sure going to try to get to a few.  We love attending sales when we get the opportunity, seeing old friends meeting new ones.