Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Gizmo's

It is official; Ronnie and I are going to be grandparents! I have to admit we are a bit excited, more than I really expected and I was expecting EXCITED. Jacob and Carla came over for a short visit on Valentine’s Day with a card that was addressed to Grandma and Grandpa Gilmore. I managed to remain calm, with emotions running from ecstatic to terrified and that was just within the first few minutes of being told about the pregnancy. It brought back all of the memories of our first child. We didn’t have the benefit of the cool little sticks that say YES or NO we had to wait and hear the news from the doctor then run out to find a pay phone (do they even have those anymore) to call and tell everyone. So times and technology have changed but the emotions are still very much the same even when you’re just the grandparent. Yep and there is no shame in crying !

After they told us the wonderful news they scheduled their first ultrasound. Jacob told us that he was praying for twins, Carla told him he was crazy but for some reason he was just sure that he would love to have twins. On March 7th they had their first ultrasound and OH MY GOODNESS Jacob’s prayers were answered they are having twins!

 Carla has been so sick, I just feel so bad that she is sick and so happy that she is pregnant then I feel guilty for being happy when she feels so bad it is a revolving door of emotions. Please keep all four of them in your prayers, and throw one up for the grandparents as well.

People keep asking me if I want boys or girls or one of each, I just tell them it doesn’t matter as long as everyone is healthy and happy. Besides it doesn’t matter, boys or girls can hold a show stick! They will be going back to the doctor the first of April for another ultrasound, and then we will know if they are having boys, girls, or one of each again for me it doesn’t matter I am just feeling doubly blessed!

What is the shortest show stick you can get?  Should I be picking out thier first heifer?  Nope I am not excited NOT MUCH!