Friday, March 30, 2012

March List

I am so aggravated!  Look closely at my March list:
Individual Use
Charitable Org.
Cleaning Services
Computer Services
Food Truck/Cart
Legal Services
Medical Practitioner
Medical Services
Membership Org.
Music Entertainment
Outdoor Markets
Personal Services
Political Organization
Professional Services
Real Estate
Repair Services
Trade Contractor

Now you might ask why she is upset over this list.  My family is in the cattle business we run a cow calf operation and it is a business.  This past week I found a new App for my Ipad one that you can run credit cards on.  I filled out all the information to get the app and then was supposed to select the type of business I would be using the app for from the above list.  Review the list carefully do you see cattle operation, farming, ranching or even agriculture in this list? 
I did get the app; I just opted for individual use when in all honesty as a cattle farmer I could have selected, accounting because we have to maintain inventories of all the animals, breeding records, feed cost and income.  Another selection could have been medical practitioner since we have to be able to treat any number of bovine illnesses which has included delivering breach calves giving shots palpating for pregnancy well you get the idea.  Landscaping came to mind since Ronnie has been out planting trees in pastures all week to provide additional shade for the cattle.  Consultant came to mind since we receive phone calls all the time from folks trying to get started in the cattle business.  I thought the beauty barber might be an option since we have to clip the cattle for sale day.  Repair service could be another option since equipment is always in need of service or repair.  The Taxi could have been an option since we have to taxi the cattle to sales and move them from one farm location to another.  Or I could have chosen web/dev/design after all I do work on our farm web site and social media. 

I would have really loved to have selected agriculture but I wasn’t given that option, because the people that make these list don’t even consider what we do a business.  Most don’t stop to consider where their food comes from beyond the grocery store they frequent.