Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Great Adventure Cheyenne Wyoming

I had big plans to blog all about our five week adventure out west, well we arrived home on August 16th and I am finally caught up enough to blog again.  The trip out west was wonderful, we stopped in at OCC Cattle Company in Palmer Ks.  I actually managed to blog about that visit.  We spent a couple of days in Cheyenne Wy visiting our Nephew Marc and his family.  Marc is stationed at Warren Air Force base in Cheyenne.  What a cool base, so much history, Marc took us on a driving tour of the base it was just beautiful.

While we were visiting Marc they took us on a tour of downtown Cheyenne it is just a cool town.  We also toured the Cowgirl museum!  I just loved it, seeing the impact that women have had over the years in the development of the cattle industry and their impact on shaping this great country was just neat to learn and to be able to share the time and experience with Marc and his family was such a treat.


We were in Cheyenne the week prior to the Frontier Days Rodeo, so we missed the rodeo but did get to see the cattle drive bringing in the cattle to be used during the rodeo.

After seeing the cattle drive we said our good bye's to Marc and his family and Ronnie and I headed out to see Fort Laramie and a stop to a preserved portion of the Oregon Trail.  It is hard for me to put into words the impact of actually standing in the ruts made by the pioneers had on both of us.  We stood in those ruts and imagined the sweat and struggle of those that came before us.  In our world of instant everything to imagine walking hundreds to miles to chase your dream of a new home in an untamed land is just hard for us to imagine and very humbling.

After stopping to see this part of history we went on to another part of history.  Fort Laramie sitting out in the middle of nowhere.  It was like taking a step back in history.  The buildings have been preserved to help you get the feel of what those brave men and women faced each and every day.  

We finished up our tour of Fort Laramie and headed back to the camper tired but excited to continue our great adventure.  Next stop Dubios Wyoming, I decided to learn a new skill for this adventure I put a slide show of our different stops into a short video. It was fun to learn and neat to have as a fun reminder of our trip. The first video is of the first three days of the trip out to Wyoming.

The second video is of the visit to Cheyenne, the Oregon Trail and Fort Laramie.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Big Adventure Days 1-3

Ronnie and I started out with our cattle as a hobby back in the mid 80's.  Needless to say we grew from a hobby to a full blown business.  Over the years we have made our share of mistakes.  One of the things we discovered is that just because it works for one operation doesn't mean it will work in ours. So many factors influence a cattle operation, environment, genetics, management just to name a few. We love getting out and visiting with others in the cattle industry, but between managing the farm and working a job off the farm it isn't something we have been able to do as much of as we would like.  As of July 1st that has changed a bit.  Ronnie has been semi retired from our family business for the past two years, but I have still been working.  As of July 1st I stepped away and we can now start checking off items on the ole bucket list.  Our big adventure began on July 11, 2017, thanks to our eldest son Lucas who loaned us his motor home we have hit the road, just the two of us and one of the dogs.
Cuddles getting her first look at MO!

Beautiful country

 We drove to Mo the first day and stayed the night in a Sam's parking lot.  This worked out great for Ronnie, however I soon realized that I had indeed watched to many episodes of Criminal Minds so sleep was not in the cards for me.  We started out early Wednesday morning for Kansas we had reservations at Farnum Creek Campground for Wednesday night.  We arrived around 3:00 and finally got set up around 6:00, discovering the importance of level campsites!  The thing that surprised me the most was the heat.  It hit 104 here late yesterday afternoon, it was HOT!  I will say that it is a different kind of hot, 104 in Florida is worse but it was still miserable.
104 now that is hot!

Beautiful morning drive over to OCC and the temp was low 70's!
What a difference a day makes!
We had contacted Tim Ohlde of Ohlde Cattle Company to see about a visit while on our adventure.  We have used OCC cattle for a number of years and sure like what they bring to the table.  The Ohlde cattle are thick and deep with beautiful udders, and they make a living on grass!  We met Tim at the Ranch around 7:30 a.m. and started out looking at the herd sires he had penned.  They were what I expected deep, thick heavy muscled bulls.  We have used OCC Juneau 807J, OCC Missing Link 830M and OCC Paxton 730P with Paxton and Missing Link being favorites.  I wanted to see what up and coming bulls I would like to use in the future.  I can't say we found a favorite, because we found several that we want to use, I will say the top two would be OCC Big Time 746Z the picture they have of this bull on their web site just doesn't do him justice!

OCC Big time 746Z and my photo doesn't do him justice either!
  He is a good one!  Another is a young bull Zodiak my goodness he is nice.
Zodiak out working.  This is one I sure want to have in the tank!
I just loved the look of the Paxton daughters they had the most I have ever seen in production.  They were all pretty darn sporty.  Tim knows his cattle and his genetics, it was a pleasure to finally get to meet both him Trudy and Jake. The cows we saw were all very uniformed and all thick, deep, with beautiful udders which was exactly what I expected to see in this herd.

Ronnie and Tim talking cows.
Tomorrow morning we head out to Cheyenne WY for a short visit with our nephew Marc and his family.  Then on toward MT.  I will be posting more about our adventure in the coming weeks!

Friday, October 28, 2016

Up Coming Bull Sales

Alabama BCIA Fall Round Up Sale
Friday November 11 at 12 Noon
Alabama Livestock Auction in
Uniontown, Alabama

Gizmo Angus Farm is offering nine stout two year old bulls in this years sale.  

B5 - Gizmo Paxton B5 1220 730P Reg# 18138240
B26 - Gizmo Rito B26 407 9R918138229
B35 - Gizmo B35 Y3051 5522-6148 Reg# 18130235
B41 - Gizmo Cedar Ridge B41 1144 Reg# 18138234
B60 - Gizmo Rito B60 732 9R Reg# 18138248
B74 - Gizmo Regis B74 814 1214 Reg# 18130240
B78 - Gizmo Campbell B78 0524 Reg# 18130244
B80 - Gizmo Juneau B80 1256 1221 Reg# 18138257
B92 - Gizmo Juneau B92 1262 1221 Reg# 18138267

These bulls are developed here at the farm, they are never pushed.  Check them out we invite you to pick our your next herd bull.  A new rule for this years sale is that all bulls offered for sale will be tested NEGATIVE FOR TRICHOMONIASIS! If you would like more information on Trich we invite you to go to the back of the sale catalog and read the very informative article written by Soren P. Rodning, Extension Veterinarian, Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences, Auburn University.  Bovine Trichomoniasis If you would like us to mail you a catalog give us a call (Debbie 850-232-2643) or (Michelle 205-646-0115 or 205-287-1080) or drop us an email request at or or visti the BCIA website at

A few of the Fall Round Up bulls

4Th Annual Bull Sale
November 19, 2016
1:00 p.m. CST
Wadley Al. Whelan Farms Sale Facility
15418 Hwy 77 

Gizmo Angus Farm is proud to have the first Registered Angus Bulls ever offered at this prestigious sale.  When your the first you sure want them to be good and we feel we have sent some really good ones.  Rick does a great job developing these bulls.  This is a bull development program not a bull test, the focus at Southern Excellence is to DEVELOP Bulls that are in optimum conditioned to be released into your herd and go straight to work.  All bulls have passed a breeding soundness exam and have had complete ultrasound data collected.  All bulls sell with a 100% guarantee.  If your looking for bulls that have been developed right. Join us in Wadley Alabama on November 19th. If you would like us to send you a sale catalog give us a call (Debbie 850-232-2643) (Rick 404-476-6797) The catalog is online Southern Excellence Bull Sale We invite you to check out this offering, Rick has a spreadsheet on his web site with current EPD's on all the bulls as well as videos of each bull in the offering.  You won't find a stouter set of bulls offered in the Southeast this sale season.  The Gizmo Lots are:
Lot 58 - Gizmo CC7 C2 324 327
Herd sire prospect out of a first calf heifer

Lot 61 - Gizmo Pioneer C17 1120 7301
The Pioneer calves work

S A V Pioneer 7301 sire of lot 61

lot 62 - Gizmo EXT C21 0524 6149
This is an ET calf our of our Blackcap May 0524 donor and the flush brother of the Coleman Angus donor Coleman Donna 6145

Coleman Donna 6145 Flush sister to the sire of Lot 62

Lot 63 - Gizmo Charlo C32 744P 0256

Coleman Charlo 0256 sire of lot 63

Lot 64 - Giz Rainmaker C41 7009 6169

Chloe Juanada 7009 dam of lot 64

In addition to the two sale listed above we will have bulls selling again this year in the Florida Bull Test Sale on January 21, 2017 at the University of Florida Beef Unit.  We have five calves entered in this years test.  The bulls just completed the first 56 days of the test and we are very pleased with their progress.  56 day test results  I will do another blog on the Florida bulls when the test has been completed.  

If you have any questions on any of the bulls we have in these sales or bulls offered private treaty off the farm feel free to give us a call.