Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Florida Surf & Turf Sale

The Florida Surf Turf Sale and The Southeast All Black Classic have teamed up.
Two Auctions
One Big Event
Saturday, April 28, 2012 at 12:00 noon CST
Auction will be held at the Florida Bull Evaluation Center,
Greenwood, Fl just 20 miles south of Dothan, Al near Marianna, FL
Here is your opportunity to come to one Big Event to purchase quality Angus, SimAngus and Simmental females from reputation breeders in the southeast from two established auctions at one location.  The demand for quality purebred seedstock has never been better.  With the increased demand for bulls at strong prices and with feeder and stocker cattle prices at an all-time high, it is time to add high caliber females to your breeding program to be in better position to service your customers and to be prepared for this cycle of improved cattle demand and prices.  Gizmo Angus Farm is proud to be offering the following lots in the

Florida Surf & Turf Sale:

Gizmo Pride 803 K506 8005 Reg#16333718 
and her 2011 Heifer Calf
Gizmo Pride 1117 803 9R9 Reg# 17156707

Finks Pride 6211 345 71
Grand Dam of 803
Gizmo Pride 815 613 604 Reg# 16333726 
and her 2011 Heifer Calf
Gizmo Pride 1127 815 9R9 Reg# 17156709

Sinclair Rito 9R9
Sire of 1117 & 1127
Gizmo Elluna 939 726 721 Reg# 16701408 
and her 2011 Heifer Calf
Gizmo Elluna 1108 939 920 Reg# 17156706 

Rainbow All Star
Grand Dam of 1108

If your looking for young cattle to start or build you herd around we are offering the following bred heifers:

Gizmo Steph 1017 722 5X25 Reg# 16938963
AI'd on 12/10/11 to Connealy Final Product Reg# 15848422
Then pasture exposed to Gizmo Excellency 1012 201 Reg# 16938945

Connealy Final Product
AI Service sire to 1017, 1022 & 1033

Gizmo Blackcap 1022 112 5X25 Reg# 16938964
AI'd on 12/10/11 to Connealy Final Product Reg# 1584822
Then pasture exposed to Gizmo Excellency 1012 201 Reg# 16938945

Sinclair Excellency 5X25 Sire of 1017 & 1022

Gizmo Steph 1033 107 6595 Reg# 16938968
AI's on 12/10/11 to Connealy Final Product Reg#1584822
Then pasture exposed to Gizmo Midland 1003 875 808 Reg# 16938942

Sitz Alliance 6595 Sire of 1033

Gizmo Lucy 1051 1303 735 Reg# 16938975
Pasture exposed to Gizmo Traveler 1044 97 71 Reg# 16949665

Gizmo RT 735 577 464 Reg# 16029577
Sire of 1051

So if your looking to add some top quality females to you herd please mark your calendar for April 28th!

See You At The Sale!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

February List

A Road Map Through Grief

I was reading on the Cattle Today forum this week about the loss of a fellow cattleman.  His forum name was Northern Rancher.  I have read his post over the past few years, I didn’t know him personally but had enjoyed his insights into the cattle business.  It didn’t take long chatting with him to know he loved his family and was very proud of them.  It was also clear that he knew and loved his cattle.  I know his family is overwhelmed with grief, they were on my heart when I came across this list:

1.    Pace Yourself

2.    Lean into the pain.

3.    Get ready for a second wave of grief.

4.    Trust the recovery process.

5.    Welcome help from those who love you.

6.    Protect your physical health.

7.    Refuse to live with regrets.

8.    Avoid major changes

9.    Look beyond people’s words.

10.                       Let your grief benefit others

I pray that God will bring the family peace during this very difficult time.