Saturday, February 5, 2011

Freeze Branding @ Fourteen Days

Ok it has been fourteen days since the freeze branding clinic.  I went out this afternoon and took a few photo's of the two heifers that we used to demonstrate the two different methods of freeze branding. 

932 Liquid Nitrogen Method


I do see some changes but overall this reminds me a bit of watching water boil.

937 Dry Ice and 99% Alochol Method

937 The GIZ is really starting to show

I will get more photo's next week, maybe by then the water will actually be boiling!  While I was out I went ahead and got a few photo's of some of the other heifers in the pen. 

I really like this group of heifers, the past few days have been really cold and wet so we have plenty of mud to go around.

Gizmo Beauty 902 0707 0702

Gizmo Pride 916 314 K205

This is a heifer that I really like she just wouldn't cooperate with me for a good photo, I will try again next week.  She is really deep and soggy.

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