Friday, April 15, 2011

Freeze Branding Final Analyst

Well we have now completed working both groups of bred heifers. The first group we utilized the dry ice and 99% alcohol. There were three of us working I was the alcohol sprayer and time keeper, while Lance and Ronnie worked the irons. This work was done at the house using our old Priefert working chute; this chute doesn’t restrict the movement as well as the Fore-Most chute used during the demonstration at the farm, so we also utilize a halter on the heifers for additional control. The brands are turning out really well and we are extremely pleased with the results of this procedure.

The second group was done one week later; utilizing the nitrogen method. I had to go to the office so Ronnie and Lance had to handle the work without me. Ronnie did say I was missed! He had sixteen heifers to work, and one tank of nitrogen. I would say this is a mid size tank it holds about 200 straws of semen, they ran out of nitrogen after about ten head. He had to make a run and get some dry ice to finish the last six head. As I said he didn’t have his (and might I add exceptional time keeper) and he said with one working the head, one the irons the time keeping got to be an issue. It looks like some of the irons were left on a bit to long, or maybe the nitrogen is just more unforgiving. These brands just aren’t looking as good as the first group.

Based on the two groups that we have worked since the demonstration, we will be utilizing the dry ice with 99% alcohol method in the future. We feel that the dry ice method is more forgiving, as well as more cost effective.

I hope the series of blogs on freeze branding has been helpful. One thing about the cattle business is you are always learning.

Check the January 2011 Blogs for step by step drections

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